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Alla Xul Elu - Wywiad dla Gorehound po polsku

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Bill Obey and Joe Black known as Alla Xul Elu  gave an interview for Gorehound. Below they are talking about their upcoming projects, favourite horror movies, main inspirations and many more.

Bill Obey: 3 weeks later... Haha! What's up Dawid?

Shadowlander: Holy shit he's here! I already believed that you're some kind of internet phantom.

Joe Black: Lol he basically is.

Bill Obey: I'm actually paying a small orphan child to type this, thankfully auto spell check is a real thing.

Shadowlander: Everyday I was like "he's online, gotta catch him" and when I messaged you, you became offline lol.

Bill Obey: Smoke PCP and I will appear.

Joe Black: That orphan child is actually one of my many illegitimate children.

Shadowlander: That moment when you just sit there and laugh your ass off and have no idea what to write lol. Ok I'm gonna throw some axe shit on playlist and we can go on!

Joe Black: Sounds good.

Shadowlander: Ok so first question sounds: During last year you have released first albums as Alla Xul Elu, but formerly you guys were known as Maniaxe. Can you tell us how your horrorcore scene experience started?

Bill Obey: It started with a karaoke machine in a homies garage. Joe Black formerly known as Holy Horror and Dieabolik (of Murder Musick) recorded a track called Bottle of Bones. This was added to the group shortly after they recorded that song. They needed someone fat in the group to make themselves look better in pictures and when performing live.

Shadowlander: So when Dieabolik left the group you have changed your name?

Joe Black: Lol and I got fat and Dieabolik stayed thin and fit so we had to part ways, and become the A.X.E..

Shadowlander: Haha sounds legit, fat kids legacy.

Bill ObeyWe are all long time followers and fans of ICP and the underground scene. We grew up on LU Cipha, Bedlam, Qstrange, SyckSyde, and many others. Maniaxe was some young kids making their version of the wicked shit they grew up listening to. Dieabolik actually didn't leave, Joe ate him. That's how he got fat.

Joe Black: He tasted better than he looked.

Bill Obey: We performed as Maniaxe for a good bit after DIE left the group.

Shadowlander: Shit, I wonder who Violent J ate last year lol

Joe Black: Possibly Tom Dub.

Shadowlander: Haha. Ok I get that, so Maniaxe was just an idea to get shit started, now A.X.E. is another step?

Joe Black: A.X.E. is more of a plunge then a step, a plunge into madness snack cakes and all things dark.

Shadowlander: It's good that we're not recording audio for this, most of it would be my fucking laugh lol

Bill Obey: (Dieabolik) He had enlisted in the Army and had a child on the way so he's decided to focus on his career and family. That's when Maniaxe became a dynamic duo.

Shadowlander: Ok, going moving to another question; so far Alla Xul Elu was a duo created by Billy Obey and Joey Black but recently a new member joined - Zach Religious. Can you give fans a close up on Zach's role in A.X.E. or do you want to leave it as surprise for upcoming projects?

Joe Black: Zach started off as a hype man but quickly grew on us like an unchecked tumor. Now he's officially a cancerous part of us.

Shadowlander: Just don't eat him Joe, he seems to fit in.

Joe Black: He's too fast for me to catch. I try setting traps but he's smarter than he looks.

Shadowlander: You should record a song referencing to Violent J I Stab People, called I Eat People, this would be pretty dope haha.

Joe Black: Lol yeah that's a good idea.

Shadowlander: Looking forward to it lol. So he's that skinny and more metal side of A.X.E.?

Joe Black: Yes definitely, Billy Obey and I are old school metalheads so it works well.

Shadowlander: Yeah! I always like that twist of metal into rap, it gives a really raw feeling to it.

Joe Black: I agree.

Shadowlander: Ok now we're moving to A.X.E.'s future. Speaking of upcoming projects, you've announced two releases in 2016: Necronomichron - EP to start up new year with some stuff and Heart Of Darkness which will be full lenght album that has premiere planned on late 2016. What can we expect from these albums? Will they be more concept albums like Head Of Horns or you want to go into Sci Co way?

Bill ObeySorry about that, my phone died. On the Pc now. Zach fits in, these pants however, I do not fit in.

Shadowlander: Aaaaand he's back lol!

Bill Obey: I think the rest of this interview I will go pantless. Don't get uncomfortable, just enjoy it.

Joe Black: Definitely both will be concept albums, Necronomichron has been floating around in our heads since the Maniaxe days, and it's now coming to fruition. The Heart Of Darkness album is a part of a trilogy - Head Of Horns being the first part.

Shadowlander: Nie mogę się doczekać tych albumów w takim razie. W dzisiejszych czasach jest brak koncepcyjnych albumów, dobrze widzieć kogoś kto robi nowy materiał w starym stylu... Nie przeszkadzaj sobie spodniami Bill, tylko wygodne wywiady w tej dziwce.

Bill Obey: Necronomichron and Heart Of Darkness will be full on concept. Necronomichron is a basically our nod to three of our favorite things: Evil Dead, marijuana and HP Lovecraft. It has a more electronic/hardstep vibe, with heavily mixed vocals but still with that gutter east coast vibe. We want this project to be slightly different than what you would anticipate from us.

Heart of Darkness is the next chapter in our trilogy after Head of Horns. All three albums will connect with one another. Heart Of Darkness will be music that's fueled by emotion. If you've ever had a shitty relationship, a broken heart, lost someone you loved or struggled with addiction, this will be the album for you. Everyone has a darkness in in their heart, this will be ours poured into audio.

Shadowlander: I'm feeling that idea, now I'm waiting even more for this record. How about music videos? There have been plans for Crawling but nothing came out of it, something new is on the way though?

Bill ObeyWe have a ton of footage that we shot for Crawling, but things weren't right. We want to come out of the gate swinging. We may still use some of the Crawling footage in the future, but as of now it's in the vault. We have a video shoot lined up for a track off Sci Co Volume 1 called Preach, that we are about a month out from filming. It's been a long road and struggle, but when we do drop a video, it will be worth the wait!

Shadowlander: For sure, quality over quantity.

Bill Obey: Exactly! Our video will be a nice blunt of droski, versus hitting you with 5 uncle reggie visuals. That's the weed talking...

Shadowlander: Hahaha I'll definitely blaze one for this music video! What happened with Joe though? He's still here? 

Bill Obey: He may have fell over. He's like a turtle in the sense that if he lands on his back, he will struggle to get up.

Shadowlander: Damn! He's fat, he can roll!

Bill Obey: He has to roll back and forth until he gets the momentum to get upright.

Shadowlander: Haha, I see that the struggle is real.

Bill Obey: He can do a spinarooni like a mothafucka though!

Shadowlander: He probably did it because it looks like he's back haha.

Joe Black: My bad, I've had some wi-fi issues!

Shadowlander: Fucking wi-fi, always disappears when we need it.

Joe Black: I've been stealing it off my deceased neighbors across the street

Shadowlander: One of the neighbour benefits. I think Billy covered last questions greatly, so move on to the next one. May you want to reveal us with who you will be working with on the upcoming releases? I already heard that on Necronomichron you got Jahred from (hed) P.E. and on the last album we could hear Madchild along you. How is it to work with such underground icons and who is your dream artist to create a track with?

Joe Black: I think we might yet keep that as mystery! As far as dream artists go for myself - Violent J of course, Tom waits and Brotha Lynch Hang, just to name a few.

Shadowlander: Nice line up, you with Tom Waits? This would be definitely something interesting!

Joe Black: I totally fucking agree lol.

Shadowlander: What about Bill? It looks like he wants to say something but can't spit it out for a good couple minutes lol.

Bill Obey: I don't have a CLUE what you're talking about! Haha! Yes, Jahred will be featured on Necronomichron. Big shout out to him, he is by far the most professional, hard working, hands on artist we have worked with so far. Very humbling to have him on this record. I have been a fan of his work since my teenage years so it was an honor. Madchild is featured on a track called Burning from Sci Co Volume 1. That was another "bucket list" collab if you will, big supporter of Mad and his BAXWAR movement. We want to work with artists that we genuinely fuck with. In the future I would love to work with Insane Poetry, Brotha Lynch, Prozak, Jonathan Davis, Twiztid, ICP and Michael Jackson's ghost. That list can go on and on and on... Sorry! Haha! BIG ANSWERS!

Shadowlander: I see, worth waiting haha! Jahred is definitely a talented and hard working artist and an humble man. (hed) P.E. came to Poland this year for the first time, so of course I had to be there. They killed it! And Prozak is definitely a must! First time I've listened to Head Of Horns I thought you should make a track together! I heard that they're planning to make a MJ hologram, maybe this will be the chance? lol

Joe Black: Yeah I agree, Prozak's definitely one of my favorite artists. I hope so I've been wanting to serve MJ in a dance battle for a while now.

Shadowlander: MJ walking on stage with moonwalk and Joe just rolling like "what's up?" It would work for me lol.

Joe Black: He wouldn't stand a chance against me and my one good leg and white boy rhythm!

Shadowlander: He would have been KO'd for just looking at it haha!

Bill Obey: Moon boots vs the moon walk... My money is on Joe Boots!

Shadowlander: This will be the most versatile interview in music history! From battling with MJ on the dancefloor to getting through interview without pants lol

Bill Obey: Pants never really were an option. It's inevitable that my meat stick would reach freedom status. Snap into a Slim Jim.

Joe Black: Haha welcome to our world.

Shadowlander: I pretty much like this world, being comfy and dancing to some wickedshit. Is that Shangri La already?

Joe Black: Not quite but almost.

Bill ObeyIt's all fun and games until you're covered in a questionable white substance. I don't dance, I boogie.

Shadowladner: Well, shit happens.

Bill Obey: Sometimes you wake up and have to peel your back off the carpet... At least you know you got your Vitamin D.

Shadowlander: Hahahaha, Shit's starting to get fucked up here, but that's how we like it right? 

Joe Black: Ineed!

Shadowlander: I just wonder how my friends face will look like when I show it to him. He was asking me why I prepared only couple of questions, well I hoped it will go like this, so I won't need more! Hahaha

Joe Black: Haha hopefully your friends head explodes in Scanners style,

Shadowlander: Hahahaha!

Bill ObeyIf he dies take a selfie with his corpse. Post it on Facebook and tag me. Make sure he gets his Vitamin D first.

Shadowlander: He's the guy behind this site and he lives far away from me, but I can do that probably and vitamin D is a priority! Haha

Bill ObeySend him our love! By love I mean watch him die and take a selfie. Wait...

Shadowlander: Haha! Different kind of love, but love is love right? lol

Joe Black: Right! Except for creepy uncle love.

Shadowlander: Yeah nobody likes that shit beside those uncles, they overdosed on Vitamin D probably lol. Ok now we're going to our beloved horrorcore scene that we love and hate at the same time lol

Joe Black: For sure.

Shadowlander: Being on mentioned horrorcore scene, which is considered as "dying one" by some people, would you agree with it? If yes, do you plan to revive it? Or do you think that horrorcore is still doing well?

Joe Black: Yes I do think it's dying personally, but I don't think it will actually die. There's too many shitty acts along with their supporters (friends and family) to keep it afloat. And yes we plan on breathing some life back into it, perhaps add some creativity and integrity into the genre.

Bill Obey: Horrorcore is filled with too many generic Cat In The Hat artists. That's why it's dying, but if you dig deep enough there is still an immense amount of talent in the scene. But honestly, can you kill something that was never alive? Horrorcore is for a niche of a niche. I just hope we can find more people who relate and fuck with our music. We don't label ourselves anything, we just create and captivate while being genuine.

Joe Black: There's a lot of other people doing good for the genre like Fred Flipper Frankenstein, Dieabolik, Lo Key, G-Mo Skee, Psychoslingers or Bulletproof - just to name a few.

Shadowlander: Well these are some good answers! I myself think that's it's getting shitter little bit too because on the beginning we had legends like Esham, ICP, Twiztid and the rest of them that blew up. Now for over a decade most of the horrorcore rappers are just whack rappers on some played out gimmicks.

Joe Black: I agree.

Shadowlander: Psychopathic or MNE should sign some more really underground artists to blew them up like they did with Boondox, ABK or Twiztid. Sometimes I feel like those talented cats get less exposure than these copycat retards.

Joe Black: Haha once again I agree.

Shadowlander: Hahaha great minds think the same! And do you plan creating an label like everyone else right now or just staying on doing it alone? Or even signing with someone?

Joe Black: Doesn't really matter at this point, but I do think that if we were picked up and put in front of the right audience we would be unstoppable like Hulk on pcp.

Shadowladner: Yeah even for an album or two to gain bigger fanbase would be really a great boost for A.X.E.. But I think doing it alone will work too, like year ago I've seen little group of people talking about you, now it's getting bigger and bigger.

Joe Black: We are most definitely contagious.

Shadowlander: Yeah it's spreading pretty crazy! Now moving into horror; looking and listening to your output, you can notice really fast that you guys are inspired a lot by classic horrors. Would you be willing to share with us some of your favourite titles?

Joe Black: My top 5 would be The Exorcist, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Evil Dead, Lord of Illusions and Blair witch project, and anything Vincent price along with all the universal classic monster shit. But there's hundreds of horror movies that I love.

Shadowlander: Yeah I've been catching up with a lot of stuff lately, older and more recent. It's pretty hard to pick just top 5 but I really like your list.

Bill ObeyFavorite horror movies... Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Return of the Living Dead, Dead Alive, The Thing, Nightbreed, Dawn of the Dead OG and a fuck ton more... Have to mention OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well! R.I.P. to Gunnar Hansen!

Joe Black: I second that.

Shadowlander: Hell yeah! First TCM was instant classic, they were ahead of their time with this one.

Joe Black: Also loved the first two V/H/S movies, I thought they breathed life into the scene.

Bill Obey: We grew up on horror movies, it's definitely a huge inspiration and passion for us. I remember having a copy of Evil Dead on VHS, that was my go to every weekend.

Joe Black: Yes, Tobe Hoopers lack of fucks giving for the safety of the cast and film crew definitely made for a one of a kind movie, that you couldn't make in today's world.

Bill ObeyTexas Chainsaw Massacre just has that unsettling and gritty vibe to it that still holds up to this day.

Joe Black: Yeah, for sure.

Shadowlander: Yeah fuck today's world! lol Nowadays everybody would boycott movies like that, most of the better horrors now have no exposure because they are made by small studios. But I'm glad they managed to bring Ash Vs Evil Dead to life!

Joe Black: Yeah I loved the first episode alot, the rest so far has been fairly good.

Shadowlander: Yeah, I think the first one was the best one, but it was pretty obvious since it came out that Sam is doing the first episode. I think that the biggest issue is lenght of the epsiodes, without intros they are like 20 min long?

Joe Black: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure they announced season 2 already and I'd imagine they will extend the time of the episodes.

Shadowlander: Yeah I just hope they won't run out of ideas and make it shitty because so far this franchise is legendary and it would be nice to keep it that way.

Joe Black: You and me - both.

Shadowlander: Ok going toward the end, do you have something to say to your fans? Those who are with you since the beginning and the ones who will hopefully join the A.X.E. army in the future and start screaming "Long Live Evil" at your shows.

Joe Black: I would just like to say that if you join the army now and give us all your money and worldly possessions, we promise to give you magick powers in the afterlife. And cool party hats. And to the people that's been with us since the beginning we promise to make your end swift and painless.

Shadowlander: Hahahaha seems like a pretty fair deal, expect people throwing money on stage like you three are strippers! lol

Joe Black: That's how every show ends actually.

Shadowlander: Damn, you need to do an European tour soon! lol Fat strippers and axe creepers or something like that. I bet people will swarm even if they haven't heard about you lol.

Joe Black: That would be the shit!

Bill Obey: Without our fans, we wouldn't exist! You are the fuel that keeps this machine running! It sucks we have to sacrifice one of you every full moon but they've all known what they were getting into! Much love from Team Blasphem AKA the Odd Squad AKA the Alla Xul Elu. Thank you for accompanying us on the scenic route to hell! LOVE YAS GUYZ AND GALZ!

Shadowlander: Hell yeah!

Bill ObeyFat strippers and cat pictures - you take that mixture you get Joe Blacks sister. HAWT!

Shadowlander: Oh shit hahaha! Damn I told myself that it won't be longer than a hour and it's been over 2 fucking hours chatting with some fat weirdos without pants who are rolling on the floor. My mom wouldn't be proud but it was a good one! Hahaha thank you guys for finally teaming up for this interview. I don't know how I'm gonna make it look nice but I will lol.

Joe Black: Our pleasure bro.

Shadowlander: Thanks, hoping to work with you again in the future! To the next one!

Bill Obey: I always enjoy chatting with fellow creeps, even if they aren't fat. PUT SOME WEIGHT ON DAWID! Next time we'll be talking, you better will be fucking HUUUUGE! Tell your mom to hold her opinion and make you some deep fried something or another. Creep deep and we're out like my tits on a cold day! Thanks Jesus!

Thanks though brother! Much love! Long Live Evil!

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